north is to south

A film photo of camping a few weeks ago. We are serious about camping. And plaid. And frizzy hair. 


mad white woman said...

I decided camping soothes the soul. Plaid and frizzy hair not required. :)

The Webbs said...

love you two!

kELLO! said...

film? looks didge.

cool cats.

angela hardison said...

this shot is awesome. you two are cute. and i want to go camping.

The Baum Squad said...

Ha! If only my hair were half as smooth as your "frizzy" hair! So sorry about the motorcycle accident. Ouch. You were missed this weekend in Snowflake. Your brother gave a great talk.

And yea on you wanting to keep blogging! Don't quit. And I'm seriously jealous of the wal mart photo. If I could strap some carseats on the back, my pregnant butt would be grocery shopping in one of those scooters. ;)