the sole reason we are the favorite aunt and uncle

I stumbled across these yesterday while cleaning out my picture folder (does anyone else feel the need to do this far too often?) they were taken almost a year ago, right when we first got Burry. She continues to be the quirkiest and littlest dog on the block (literally and figuratively.) We sure like this little pup, except for her odd desire to jump in the shower and much on bars of soap. What the heck, Burry?


brandilyn said...

tomorrow i am dog-sitting frankie...we should have a puppy play date! /diet coke date.

Laraine Eddington said...

I would love to see Burry burp bubbles

A FANCY DAY said...

Haha O man no she doesn't that's to funny! Our cat does tear up paper, one time I left $5 on the table and she shredded the whole thing :(

lauren said...

ha ha ha ha! she eats soap? what? hilarious!!