twenty seven and a pair of red wings

Happy 27th Birthday (yesterday) to the best man I know.

We celebrated with homemade cinnamon rolls, an afternoon nap, a pair of Red Wings and fishing stuff (because apparently when you turn 27,  you really turn 87) and homemade ice cream in the park with friends.

I'm sure glad this dude was born. And seriously this picture? Ohhh my lanta he is attractive.


ellen said...

great photo!

communikate. said...

ha! love the last comment.

happy birthday to your man! i think the first time we were supposed to hang out you couldn't because you were picking up a puppy for your boy's birthday. :)

Bekah said...

The girls and I talked about calling, but got busy* and didn't. And perhaps that is the best gift we could have given him, not calling. I know how he hates the phone.

*busy as in crazy ass busy with no end in sight...

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet guy!
I like the way you celebrate. :)

abby said...

Love that photo!

Brittany said...

love this--i laughed out loud! and yes, that's a great picture. you lucky duck.