prospekt, how could i forget

I have two things to say about our Saturday afternoon ride 1- Idaho is pretty. And 2- we got chased by a pug. A pug! Why don't country folk teach their dogs manners? 


Maria said...

....a pug.....? The image in my mind makes me laugh!

bridget anne said...

you're brave! i'm terrified of motorcycles. & chased by a pug?! that'd make my life. xo.

Liz-a-nator said...


(I'm doing the motorcycle safety course to get my endorsement in a couple weeks. Now I just need a motorcycle.)

Laraine Eddington said...

If you'd been chased by a pig I would really be impressed

The Webbs said...

oh my its beautiful there! you need to post more pictures i feel like i dont even know what it looks like where you live!

a pug?? that is so funny!

angela hardison said...

i love that you guys have a motorcycle.

carla thorup said...

but i bet you were impressed that a pug was fast enough TO chase you. pugs got it goin' on.

and so do you guys on your bike.