i'm trading stories with the leaves instead

lately i am:

missing: really, really missing ^this little poser. The same one who casually mentioned he had typhoid fever in his last email and then said he would "be fine" (don't worry, the presidents office called my mom, he's on serious antibiotics and doing better) his letters sound so good. Man I miss this kid, 8 months left!

listening: to Pearl Jam. Weird, right?

eating: Nothing, then Top Ramen and granola bars when I remember to eat. End of semester people.

studying: for my music "exit exam" and big psych test. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

singing (yes different from listening): "I don't wanna show off no more!" from The Drowsy Chaperone. It's the show I worked on all semester and they closed Friday. (It really is the funniest play I have ever seen)

laughing: At my dog. She is still weird... and now she is half-shaved and all embarrassed about it (long story, some other time)

drinking: lots and lots and lots of diet coke water. Horkleys .75 cent sodas are the best date everrrr. (ROBIN!!! They changed Horkleys name!!!! To "Great Scotts". Lame? Lame! I was so dissapointed. It will always be Horkleys to me.)

thinking: that there is virtually no snow on the ground but it was -3 this morning and we live in Rexburg. Nothing is adding up and if it's going to be this cold there might as well be snow.

wearing: "Normal pants" my Dad bought some for me in hopes I throw away all my skinny jeans.

excited(ing): to come home for the holidays! (!!!!)

Happy end of semester, and probably Christmas too (because I probably won't blog until then. Oops.)


Jules said...

They changed the name of Horkleys? Wha?? Why? WHY?

kasey kaufusi said...

you are cute kate even if you are wearing normal pants...good luck with your tests and I will be seeing your beautiful face soon i hope!

Thomaschrishan said...

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Laraine Eddington said...

I've been known to buy normal pants for unnamed family members too. I love the Drowsy Chaperone also. We are so simpatico.

Liz-a-nator said...

Woo hoo Pearl Jam!

communikate. said...

you blogged?!

it's a christmas miracle.


Traci Butler said...

Haha, "normal pants" and a casual mention of typhoid fever. Good blog. Do it more often k?

{she + him} said...

I recently heard about the infamous "Horkleys." Although it sounds entirely disenchanting, the fact that they sell soda at a reasonable prices makes it anything BUT disenchanting!! The only thing good about the name change is that you call yell "Great Scott" every time you walk in.

I love that your dad bought you real jeans! So hilarious!!

mindy said...

Miss you Kate! Love ur blog posts! So sorry to hear about the banning of skinny jeans, my heart broke a lil for u.

abby said...

you are funny. good luck on your tests!

Thomaschrishan said...

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angela hardison said...

top ramen sounds yummy.

happy end of semester to you! and happy holidays, too.

robin said...

oh horkleys. horkleys, horkleys, horkleys. what the heck? "great scott"? 75 cents?

well, regardless. horkley's is always my first stop when we're there.

and i've missed your blogging. come back.