i call him lando, lan or landito-bandito. he's my husband and yes, 95% of the time he has this smirk on this face. what use to be a cause of worry to me is the fact that there are times where we don't have one serious conversation all day. he is the funniest person alive... and the cutest...and today he made dinner.

i never answer call from numbers i don't know. but since i had an awesome interview on friday and they said they'd call me sometime between then and monday i answered one today. i said a rather perky "hello?" hoping it was them, nope. it was my bishop asking me to talk next sunday. that's the meanest trick ever.

i realized this week that there a couple things i can't say no to, five dollar pizza and jcrew's additional 40% off sale and free shipping. don't those two go together nicely? i think yes.