lovely simplicity and simple love

my two words for 2009:
simplify: love
simplify: days
simplify: thoughts
simplify: evaluation
simplify: relationships
simplify: health
simplify: life
let him do it with simplicity,
i want my life to be lovely, or remain that way. i want my words and my thoughts to be lovely, where it matters, and to who it matters. i want love to abound in my home. i want love to come above all, love for Him, love for them, and love for me.
lovely simplicity and simple love
and one real goal: play this^ more. lando's parents got me a piano for christmas. i cried when i saw it. a piano! after two weeks of having it, i've probably played more then my eight years of (hating) lessons. t & l: thank you, thank you, thank you. (again) and mom: "someday you'll thank me"  thank you, thank you, thank you for making me stick with it.

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