it's always cool when...

...a cool cowgirl in a cool truck backs into me in the sam's club parking lot yesterday. then tried to say it was my fault. not so lady, i've got an eye witness. (m, that's you.) needless to say something i thought could never happen did. my already ghetto car, just got a little more ghetto. (broken door handle, big dent, and nice white paint streak across the passenger side.) of course my car did nothing to her truck. now the bumper sticker "silly boys, trucks are for girls", finally makes sense. i think i'll buy a truck. but, only if it comes with a 99% angel- 1% devil licence plate cover.

i've been tagged... three times now. once for 7 random facts, twice for 6 quirks, can i just compromise and do 6 random facts? i just dont think i have that many quirks (haha.)
uno- i can yodel -eh-he-ooh.
two- i'm left handed.
three- i failed the hearing test, twice, in 5th grade. i say "whaaaat?" alot.
four- all my husbands clothes have bleach stains on them. and i mean it, ALL of them.
five- my sister and i unknowingly bought the same doormat, in different states.
six- you know how people say "it's impossible to lick your elbow" ? well, my little sister can.