bow-tie buttons

after watching beautiful losers last weekend, i realized what being creative and an artist really is. the message i, personally, gathered from the movie is that, when you can step back from the world, close your eyes, and become inspired, not by what the world says to be inspired by, but what truly inspires your being, personally, time-lessly, having no "style" or pattern, and be able to feel something only you can feel, and create something only you can create. that is when you truly become an artist... minus a few drug experiments, naked photos and graffiti, of course. i suggest anyone who has the opportunity to see it, goes

p.s. that's my new rug, 60% off at urban. yeeeeeah. and pictures of my house are coming. i want to post em' worse then you want to see em' i'm sure but they are coming. (also, when i re-read my post i realized something, no, i do not think i became an artist by making t-shirts.)