seattle skyline

day dreams.
i'm day-dreaming of cooler weather and not-sore throats. i'm thinking of baby jack and baby ruthie. my friends are to little to have families. i'm wishing i could look 10 years into the future to see if landons dream of living in montana will come true. i'm glad i wore my mj shoes today instead of high heels. (which wasn't really a close call, i rarely actually wear them, just think about wearing them) i'm still finding sand in my dress, 4 year-olds and sandcastles and  "mister cake" dont mix. teacher pam is "peter-pan". i am wearing a light purple dress with a white sash. when i picked up one of our students from the bus stop she yelled "heeeeey! i haf a nigh-gown too!" kids are the most honest, and unfortunately the most correct.
wish me luck on my math test, eek