flower court and surrybrook

Here you might see an ordinary family on an ordinary front porch.

But here I see,

Bekah. The loyal and brave oldest sister. The audaciously bright girl, with determination for days.
Joe. The kind and safe older brother. Compassionate and giving, always the one taking things for the team.
Jessica. The soft sister, graceful and calm, who sees the good in every living thing without much effort.
Kate. The pleasant middle child, with a smile on her face ready to find a place for anyone in her heart.
James. The beautiful baby boy, with so much brightness and humor and sensitivity in that little face.
It's missing John Paul- the oldest child and brother who died before any of us were born, a child of light and perfectness with a beaming smile.
And Laura- our Laura love. The perfect end to our family who came a few months later. The youngest sister with perfect curls and the good of the whole world in her eyes.

Here you might see an ordinary family, but I see something extraordinary, a whole life in front of each one of those little faces, a life waiting to happen.


Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

That's beautiful Kate. You've helped me to see the extraordinary in my sweet little, ragtag group of troublemakers. FYI-you were pretty darn cute, the whole lot of you!

Brittany said...

Oh, Kate. I love this so much.

Every time any of my siblings reaches a milestone--a 16th bday, a mission, college, etc.--I think about this too. We just didn't know how much was inside of those little bodies. It makes me so proud.

stephanie said...

a picture really does say a thousand words.

The Webbs said...

so so sweet. i love this.

and aevyn looks so much like james when he was little its crazy?!

mad white woman said...

This is basically perfect. It also left my heart racing a little thinking of certain siblings of mine...

PS I didn't know Bekah was the oldest.

Geri Egbert said...

I LOVE this.