in my neighborhood

It's a funny feeling when you find yourself nostalgic for a moment you're in. A warm-ish winter Sunday walk with my husband and my odd puppy while making up *lyrics to "heart of gold" is something I'd like to remember from today.

*it was obviously in our heads after seeing this. That Jimmy, he gets us every time.


Jules said...

At first I wasn't sure if that top photo was black & white or not because, goodness, Rexburg often felt black & white.

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

I'll take your word about the "warm-ish"...as soon as my eyes see snow I immediately go into hypothermia. :)

Jessica Wray said...

i love sunday walks. the best.

communikate. said...

it was james mercer from the shins. yes, we're totally weird. it's just that we are way more star struck by musicians than movie stars.

and we LOVE jimmy fallon. let's live in the same city again some day eh? i just know graham and landon would totally be pals.

Chelsea said...

warmish? oh I'm shivering just looking. You guys are cute. and I love quick 'don't want to forget this' kinda posts.

angela hardison said...

ohh that looks beautiful and cold. just the way i like it.

laurice. said...

It's beautiful.

That video...seriously hilarious.