hi, i'm kate and i ran a marathon

i kind of want to introduce myself that way. i'm so lame.

i read this today. man oh man. i want to do that again. i can do that again! my body craves running, methodical breathing, tight muscles, the constant beat, beat, beat of my shoes on the pavement. i know that, yet i've only been running once or twice a week for the past few months. it's time to train again.

tomorrow i'm getting up early and going for a long, slow run.

i am.

i'm probably going to wear my medal, too.


Kathryn said...

Totally. I would.

I just found my medal for graduating #9 in my HS class. I was really thinking that puppy needs to be on display somewhere.

Oh, and how did I miss all these posts? Did you change blog addresses? I'm on board and all updated now.

Chelsea said...

you can! I want to, but I don't see it in my future, I have ADD when it comes to running--can't imagine running for more than 1 hour.

kasey kaufusi said...

do it wear your medal proudly my dear that is an amazing thing you did, plus maybe you can start a new fad?

The Webbs said...

um... i have already told you i want to run one together. seriously if we can make it through that crazy half and only break down crying later the day a couple of times why not? lol. kate you rock, still so proud of you for running the first one!

abby said...

wear it!

chelsea :: stock said...

"i'm probably going to wear my medal, too."


angela hardison said...

you better believe if i had run a marathon i'd introduce myself that way. well-deserved.

robin said...

kind of how they introduce actors as "academy award winner, sandra bullock". you are "marathon runner, kate lines!"

demand it from your public.

anna said...

me too. so why am i so lazy when it comes to getting it done?

Brittany said...

yes, you did run a marathon and you're such an inspiration!