haaaaaaaaaaaaappy weekend everyone! hooray, hooray! i'm excited about it! it's been a good week.

-started my new job! front desk at the hilton. good hours: check. pays more then anywhere in the burg: check. works with my school schedule? check and cha-ching!
-put a rental deposit down on a town home here. it's adorable so i'm happy. it has a garage so lando is happy. we got a seriously smokin' deal on it so we are both happy.
- i talked to my mother-in-law today. i love her. we talked about "quigley down under", baking cakes and fossil fuels.
-i thought i could maybe pull off these high waisted pants ^ but landon's face when he came home proved that i could not. then he called me "grandma lines" for like 3 hours. hahaha. but he bought me those shoes for christmas so i forgive him.

this weekend we:
-are going to the library.
-are having a $5 pizza/parks&rec on netflix date (why didn't you ever tell me how hilarious this show is?!)
-landon is changing the oil in both cars tomorrow... my little mechanic.
-making thai food for friends on sunday. making dinner for people has made me nervous ever since i gave landon salmonella poisoning and he was in the hospital for 10 hours. just kidding! it was only 4 hours.
-going swimming at a pool heated by a hot spring. whaaaaaa?
-hanging out with our long-lost-friends ty and ali. (we miss you guys.)

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