think, wait

i miss being pregnant, i miss the promise of a baby- our baby. but today was a good day. i finally got me some husband-time. can we count horkleys soda, snl and lando asleep on the couch while i blog as a date? it's the closest we get this week.

this week i'm wishing i was on track next semester to work in the theatre department, mostly so i can work on the doubt set. this week lando's wishing he "didn't come home dirty and tired from work everyday" and wishing he could "wear nice clothes and have a career" it'll come... someday... soon.

we talked about our christmas list and we both only want clothes, cause we're cool. landon reaaaaally needs a new hat.

lan registered for all his classes this week and i found out how much it is to take the praxis... ouch. spending money is painful.

happy sabbath.