i'm almost positive that i'm a 21 year old living in an 80 year old body.

case(s) in point:

in high school i found this nifty little trick... both my hips pop out of joint with a simple movement. after a few trips to the psychical therapist and a lovely meeting with a orthopedic surgeon i found out i grew to fast and my muscles didn't have time to catch up and weren't able to hold my hip bone in. someday surgery, i guess. but for now, landon hears me complain about my aching hips (and now knees thanks to this dang training.)

the past few days i've been having flashes in my left eye. so after dilation and some crazy lookin' pupils i found out i have posterior vitreous detachment. although it probably sounds worse then it is, here is the definition "PVD is a common condition which occurs in about 75% of people over the age of 65..." 65? really? (the only major {and unlikely} concern is it causing a retinal tear or retinal detachment. good thing my dad and brother are optometrists.)

i told lando my theory and he also reminded me of my wardrobe, music choices, sunglasses and "big-ugly-bag-obsession". (his words, not mine.)

so basically- i'm pretty awesome. but maybe i'll pull a benjamin button and start going backwards... it could happen.