she's a skyline

i auditioned on tuesday! this is the second play i've ever auditioned for so i'm crossing my fingers for any part. i'd be happy to be singing behind a door.

i got really nervous. shaking, stuttering, awkward vibrato, the whole deal. and on stage i felt so, so, so, so, so tall and like my monkey arms were awkwardly swinging. isn't that weird? that was all i could think about. but i'm happy i did it, happy it's over and excited to hear the results
i picked this picture for three reasons. one: i liked the lighting, i'd been messing with some settings i don't usually use, and i was pleasantly surprised. two: it fit the "i felt so tall-monkey arm" thing, notice the sleeves aren't long enough? three: the shirt and skirt were thrifted! hooray!