carry this picture for luck

first time using my new table cloth with my dishes. i must say, i was happy with the outcome.
first day of school. it was interesting.... as community college usually is.... but i can't help but love it. love the 50+ year old lady that is there 15 minutes early with her roller suitcase and all her books laid out on the desk. (she is probably wearing a *visor) or the "hard-core" girl. with the *star tattoos on her elbows, and black hair, she won't look or talk to anyone. or the 20 something year old. the loud one, wearing matching *PINK sweat shorts and tank top. i'm a people watcher.
*no offense to visors, start tattoos on elbows, or PINK sweat shorts. okay, just offense to PINK sweat shorts.
first time making salmon. yum.
first day at a new job. its amazing. i am with 4 year olds, with speech problems. needless to say its the funniest thing ever. they are so adorable. i am sure i'll have many, many stories to share.
first time, in a long time, that i've gone running every morning this week. i forget how good it feels.
firsts are good