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Today my baby sister turns 18! In 22 days my baby sister moves to BYU-Idaho! (Also, my brother and his wife, Mitchell and Britt got in and are hoping to come next semester. We are so excited, Blair-Halter party in burg!) My family had a birthday lunch for her today and they set me a place on the table and I joined via skype. I'm pretty sure I made my Grandpa Caldwell really uncomfortable the whole time and he kept asking me if I was real. Then he asked me if I brushed my teeth today (?) I laughed at my Grandma Dixie saying "Oh, wow! Can you see me?" over and over again, but then I realized I did the exact same thing the first time I skyped. Let it be known that blessings-on-the-food are awkward via skype... and my Grandpa didn't have his eyes closed. Skype is so awesome though. I skyped with one of my best friends, Kasey today who has lived in Hawaii since we graduated and I haven't seen near enough in the past 5 years. I got to see her baby, Leila, who is so adorable and we laughed the whole time.

Our summer has been good, even though our schedules are still pretty much opposite of each others, it's nice to spend more time together then we had. We were both able to go full-time during the break, we've really
really lucked out with jobs here. I can work full time and go to school (and do homework at work) and Lando can work part time totally around his schedule. I really like the people I work with. For instance, a few weeks ago I had a very serious conversation with a co-worker about which Kardashian sister would be the funnest to be friends with. Landon has made a few great friends at work too, ones that will go rock climbing with him after work while his wife is off winning the bread.

Just a few updates, happy August!


kasey kaufusi said...

I LOVE SKYPE- i suck at it tho cuz i always wonder if i look weird, or if they can see me, my skype baby shower was so funny. haha It was so fun seeing and talking to you! and that is so exciting your sister and mitch are going to come to school there. having family close is the best!

The Webbs said...

happy happy birthday laura! your family cracks me up, you forgot to mention your mama dancin and groovin in front of the computer lol. so cute.

angela hardison said...

how fun it will be to have your family in rexburg!

glad to hear you're enjoying work.

laurice romney. said...

I Love skype also! Well ichat but it's the same thing.

So which sister did you choose?

Chelsea said...

yes, which sister did you choose? I think Khloe. Minus the foul mouth, she's seems like a pretty good time.

whitney johnson said...

i've actually never skyped, but does facetime and google video chat count?? :) sounds like a wonderful summer! happy august :)

mindy said...

Skype is the greatest! And how exciting to have yer sister come up there!