i've had a hatred of cats for a long time. but unlike most people, i have a good reason. you see my little sister- boris- had a cat obsession. boris had a cat named kizzy, every time someone opened the door the cat bolted in and there was a few times she'd sneak in without anyone seeing her. every single time this happened kizzy found me in the middle of the night, seriously anywhere. there were two twin beds our room and i didn't always sleep in the same one, and sometimes i'd sleep in my older sisters room. kizzy always found me. waking up to satan scratching your face off isn't the best way to start a cat relationship. let me also mention the fact that we begged for a dog and somehow we got 3 cats in a row. i blame boris, the baby of the family, who is my *bff so it's cool. well after june died, i was a little pet-depressed and this itty bitty kitten started hanging out on our doorstep. at first i tried not to notice it's cuteness but bit by bit it got me. before i knew it i named her pocket and i look forward to her sitting by door every time i leave and come, not to mention they are way less maintenance than a puppy. i have a confession: i might be a cat person. but i figure it's okay because i'm kind of getting sick of seeing only our faces on this blog (hence the photo below) and i could start using pocket for a stand in. is anyone going to un-friend me for this?

happy almost wednesday!

*along with my other sisteers and momma, of course