mumbles such are promises

i am:

anxious to move & ready to move.
feeling a tad under the weather & i have a solo concert tomorrow night. (hot tea.)
wearing tights with converse today.
falling in love again.
calling lando "lanny" from here on out. thanks to our niece, ryah.
searching for the best deal on a new hp.
jumping on my bed in this^ picture.
reading short stories.
going to see the temple lights tonight!
so excited to see tytan (and cam for that matter.)
listening to simon and garfunkel 24/7.
slowly but surely crossing things off my "before we move" list.
done with christmas cards.
already missing my mom and sisters.
so excited for my sisters apple green wedding.
taking my last final manana.
laughing so hard and pictures of traci and i. i have more with her then i do with... lanny.
so glad i have great in-laws. so, so great.
trying not to think about moving away from my friends.