if you climb a mountain and you turn around

(^the cute neighborhood around our rental home)


- Joe, Chelsea, James, Caitlin, Landon, and I (and bonus baby Ellie) piled into my brothers car and drove to St. George to visit my Grandma and Grandpa Denhalter.
- We took the first big adoption step and did a home study and started all our paperwork
- Our second puppy, Penny passed away and it was pretty heartbreaking
- We went to our 7th supercross together
-I got promoted and transferred to the Kierland Commons Anthropologie
- Laura and I went to Peter and the Star Catcher, forever my favorite (Laura and Peter)

(^Gilbert Temple open house) 


-We played a giant kickball game with the Ray-Siens
- A last minute camping trip with the Joe Denhalter's and my parents
- We finished all our adoption certification paperwork
- A mini staycation with the Denhalter girls
- We toured the Gilbert Temple open house 

(^Landon being... Landon)


-I left Anthro and started working full time for Little Green Notebook 
-We spent a weekend hiking in Sedona with James and Caitlin 
-Drove to Flagstaff for Ezra's baby blessing 
-I did a solo Snowflake trip to hang with my Momma (and cousins lunch, duh) 

(^Easter Egg hunt at Great-Grandma Lines) 


-Jess and Darrel moved from Flagstaff to Mesa, into our ward! 
-My parents bought a 1970's trailer near Roosevelt lake and we spent a couple weekends down there fixing it up 
- The Romney's came into town for Easter 
-Laura and I saw Once at Gammage 

(^My Grandparents house in Parowan Utah) 


- My cousin lost her baby boy in a tragic accident. She spoke so beautifully at his funeral and I'll never forget her words. I learned a lot about Christ that day
-Laura and I went to St. George to see the Grandparents and check out Dixie College. We did a driving tour trough Parowon and cried most of the time
- Yet another lake trip or two
- Lots of afternoons spent at the LeSueur's playing ninja with Eli

(^the family in the hospital waiting room) 


- We celebrated our 7th anniversary! Hiking by day and St. Francis by night
- Lacey had her baby, Raelyn! We were all instantly in love
- June was our busiest month at work by far. We spent lots of weekends and late nights prepping Jenny's house for the Domino Magazine shoot. 

(^my outfit for day one of the Domino shoot) 


-3 whirlwind days of the Domino shoot. It was such a freaking cool thing to be a part of!
-10 day road trip to Idaho with James and Caitlin, we covered all our old stomping grounds and hiked, camped, ate, and rafted the days away
- I joined the Lines for a few days in California
-More weekend trips to the lake, proving how old we are by our continued level of soreness from wakeboarding
-We finally got our certification paperwork and we were FINALLY approved to adopt

(^rooster and aunt kate boat selfie) 


-We put our profile up with LDSFS and got an email from S the next day
-I went to New York for a week with Jenny, as if I need to say it... but I have the best job in the world
-Landon turned 29! 
-We went to Mexico for Camden's baptism 
-We put an offer on a house in Gilbert

(^the night we got some very good news) 


-S picked us as the adoptive parents and officially put us on hold 
- The same week, we closed on our little fixer-upper 
- I heard our baby's heartbeat for the first time 

(^midway through the kitchen reno) 


-October was renovation month. We spent hours and hours (and hours) working on the house before we moved in
-My mom and brothers came in to town and spent 3 days knocking out a huge chunk of our renovation list 
-I turned 26!
-We went to the Phoenix Temple open house with the whole Denhalter Clan 

(^my mom and sisters and my baby shower) 


-I went to weekly doctors appointments with S
-My sisters and Jenny threw me the most beautiful baby shower
-We spent a very warm Thanksgiving with the Lines family 
-We worked and worked on our house getting it ready for the baby 


-Our baby Lula Colette was born. The best moment of our lives. (Believe me, this is not all I have to say about it)


abby said...

Best post ever pretty much

Brandilyn said...

I want more house pictures, I want more Lula (ALWAYS), and hoooly cow your grandparents house is gorgeous! I love it. Best post, best family, best year.

Autumn said...

Congratulations!! All of the children in my family are adopted, including me. I'm a firm believer that we picked our loved ones before we came, and sometimes with adoption, God just has to be a little creative.

Erin Skidmore said...

I have tears on my cheeks. Sometimes the hardest trials can bring the sweetest blessings. So happy for you!

ashley mikell said...

I am so happy for you!!