Last week marked a year since graduation. That fact sort of blew me away, one full year of post grad life- and a full year in real-grown-up jobs. Landon loves his job, although he told me yesterday that he's allergic to cubicles. He passed it EIT test in October (test 1 of 2 to become a professional engineer, he'll take the second after a few years experience) and was pretty stoked about it. I was managing at Anthropologie and got a promotion that moved me to a different store in January. I'd been working very part time for Jenny (of LGN) since she moved from New York in July and the week I switched stores- she asked me to come on full time. It was sort of crazy timing for both of us, and I stayed on at Anthro until march to ease the transition a bit. Now I'm with Jenny full time as her editorial assistant and I LOVE IT. This is dream job status and every day I leave work wondering how I got so lucky to be working with someone so insanely talented, so genuinely kind, and so dang funny. Not to mention I adore her 3 daughters and I'm greeted daily with a "Kaaaaate!" and a hug from the youngest- who often asks why I can't just live at their house. (Have you seen her home? I'd gladly move in.) We're still figuring out the transition from student to 9-5er but we're lucky that's it's been fairly smooth. (image from a project a few weeks ago)

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Huston Farnsworth said...

sounds wonderful. the transition from 9-5er killed us! :) we loved being students too much! :) Saw you on Easter sunday, you looked so pretty as always. Glad you have a dream job. :)