6.21.13 - i'm on top of the world

This is us. We are alive. The heat hasn't killed us yet.

James and Caitlin tied the knot last Friday and it was just the most perfect sealing. I could see James' face and the way he was looking at Caitlin was the sweetest, so much love and so much hope. When she said "yes" his eyebrows raised and he tried his hardest to hold back a toothy grin.  Their reception was perfect, in my parents backyard, with lights, bunting, and lace everywhere you looked. They are so good for each other, we love Caitlin.

Happy Wedding Day, Denhalters!


Brittany said...

You are beautiful. Arizona looks so good on you.

lauren said...

i love seeing the picture of your two on your wedding day right next to this one. such love for eachother! you two are such a good looking couple. congrats on the family wedding! so much fun.

Sam M said...

How sweet. I hope that they get to read this post.

kELLO! said...

you guys are like perfectly, naturally hot.