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We graduated! (If you follow me on any other form of social media, I pretty much threw it in your face...) And it was amazing! It is definitely up there with the top 3 best days of my life. I really didn't expect to love it as much as I did. I felt proud of myself and incredibly proud of Landon. He was giddy all day, I think he finally realized that it was finally OVER. His nearly permanent stress line was wiped off his forehead and we went to bed without thinking about all the homework we had to do the next day.

I sure love this engineer of mine. We did it, Lando.


ashley mikell said...

YAY! congrats! Jordan graduated too! I tell you what, engineering is killer for both them and us. It's so nice to have it come to an end and be able to think about moving on. Now what are you doing?

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

What a couple of good looking graduates! :)
We're having Brig's graduation party tonight at Grandma Lines's house...he finally finished his MBA!!!! (you should come by if you want free food)
Congratulations to both Landon and you. Life after homework is pretty dang sweet.

mad white woman said...

Yay!! That's pretty cute you did it together. It took me about a year to get used to Jason being done with school. As for myself? I still have nightmares about messing up so I can't graduate. :)

Emily said...

Congrats! It really is an amazing feeling. I love that you guys got to sit next to each other. Doesn't get cuter than that!

Mandy said...

It's such a bigger deal than people make it. Congrats you two! And welcome to AZ.

Dawn said...

Congratulations! That's awesome that you guys got to sit together. Happy belated Graduation!

Toni Englestead said...

Congrats! That's an amazing accomplishment!