all your big plans

This weekend was spent at the straining our necks at the air show, eating a huge burger and sweet potato fries at Sammy's (no shame!), smores by the river with friends, Sunday dinner with Boris, and cry-laughing at one of our primary kids deciding to do a head stand in the middle of class for a good 3 minutes. (Oh, and lots of other boring stuff like studying for tests and cleaning the apartments for inspection, but that was both boring and uneventful)

This semester "working for the weekend" has never seemed so relevant.

4 days and counting...


communikate. said...

sweet potato fries.... mmmmmmm. i'm totally drooling over here.

i want to be real life friends again. are you guys still thinking az after graduation? we're open for lots of plans and az just might be one of them. :)

Jules said...

Goodness I miss Sammy's . . . but school? No. Glad that's over.

Derek and Talia said...

that photo is magical!

Jenny B said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Your photos are the best.

angela hardison said...

kate and kate,