i run this town to be near you

^This is me. Being left handed & doing music homework. (All the best people are left-handed and all the worst people do music homework, I'm convinced.)

I just went to youtube and saw our recommendations:

"mommys emergency swagger"
"justin beiber wedding dance"
"theophilus london - i stand alone - official video"
"how to style your bangs"
"how to not fold laundry"

"engine build part 6"
"cad designs of differentials"
"basic relay diagram"
"gopro HD hero2"
"dan osmon - speed climber"

We are awesome.


mindy said...

That's hilarious! ! You are both awesome & we miss you guys!

Jules said...

Haha! I just watched that same Mr. London music video today AND a bang tutorial.

Mandy said...

You are stunning too. And I really like the new blog design.

mandyface said...

I could right a book called "how to not fold laundry." #talent

The Webbs said...

i just love your hair kate. and the new blog layout is just darling. you guys crack me up. i seriously stream the www just to get distracted from doing homework.... like im doing right now.

laura. said...

First, yes you are awesome.
Second, you did not spell the biebs last name right. #ashamed&offended.

communikate. said...

first of all, i love the new blog design.

and secondly, this is and you guys are both awesome. hilarious.

Emily said...

Hurray for lefties!

angela hardison said...

you guys really are awesome.

and how do you find the time to change your blog design so frequently? i love it. i am avoiding mine.

lauren said...

"how to not fold laundry."
...tell me more.

and yes. your blog layout is adorable. i want to change mine but i have no idea what to do with it.

also. you're gorgeous.

Dreamcatcher said...

you're right... all the best people are left-handed

laurice. said...

Love the recommendations.