courage, teach me to be shy

I know I should probably post about Christmas and the New Year, but after spending way to long trying to get a dang video to load, I'm super over it.

School started today. The start of my last year of my undergrad, fingers crossed anyway. I just sat in class for 25 minutes with 25 other students until someone came in and said "oh, he isn't here today, class starts Friday" so now I am in the Math department computer lab waiting until 10:15 and my next class starts. Yikes, school really is boring to talk (read) about, huh?

We got a semester pass to the rock gym and I've gone every night since we got it. Which was only 2 nights ago, so don't be too proud. It's kind of a funny dynamic there, like every time we've gone the same dude tells us multiple times "I'm the main route setter" or how the same dude yells tips from the ground when you pause to chalk your hands. It's funny. But I really like it.

Last night we stayed up past our bed time with "just one more episode" of Community. Proclaiming that "it will be our last night to stay up late before school starts!" which we both know is a big lie and we'll probably do the same thing tonight because A. Lando's first class doesn't start until noon and B. we are responsible.

Happy Januray 4th 2012. 2012? I can't believe that happened.


chelsea :: stock said...

damien rice. those lyrics melt me every. time.

I have always wanted to try rock climbing. I feel like it would be a really good whole body work out.

also, your life sounds scintillating to me right now, as my days consist of fighting girls, a crying baby, and trying not to drown in hormones. so hey, this post really worked for me!

carla thorup said...

um, the best thing we ever did was join a rock climbing gym our first year of marriage.

goal for 2012 is to go again, even if it's not as often. so fun.

community is so great. the christmas rap was amazing. (also, i like it when you blog.)

communikate. said...

i hope you can see how green with envy i am over here after reading this is your last year of undergrad.

(and this is coming from the girl who is heavily debating not going spring quarter. sheesh.)

i like when you blog too. how about a giant goal of doing it more often okay, lines?!

{she + him} said...

Tommy and I have watched Community every night our entire break. I catch myself singing "Troy and Abed in the morning!" (prob my fav part of the entire show)

mandyface said...

"just one more episode" is probably my favorite sentence in the world.

The Webbs said...

yaaa!! im so jealous of the rock gym, that sounds like so much fun! miss ya already kate it was so good to see you for sophies blessing!! ps, that post below, you look AMAZING!! love ya!

tara said...

hahahahah i know EXACTLY who you are talking about!! at least they mean well. even if they can be obnoxious. just wait till he takes his shirt off. thats my fav. hah. i am so stoked you guys got a pass!! hopefully we see you guys there lots. and we should totally not be as lame as last semester and do a better job hanging out seeing that we are neighbors and everything. hah. and my dog needs a friend. and i am kinda obsessed with yours. see you sunday. :)

Lacey Lou Who said...

I think I am going to have to post the videos into youtube in order to get them on my blog... super annoying, I know how you feel! Glad we got to play while you were here (and take family pictures)!

angela hardison said...

i'm sure i wouldn't be any good at rock climbing.

i want to see the video! have you tried vimeo? it's my favorite.

Valerie said...

Trying to sum up holidays always feels overwhelming to me. I think you made the right choice in skipping it and jumping to the now.

Also, we just got the first two seasons of Community on DVD, and we've been "one more episode-ing" for about two weeks now.