this is it, can you hear me

I made a very quick, very last minute trip to Arizona last week for baby sisters graduation. My Dad called last week and said "I'm buying you a ticket to come, make it work" (Tim Gunn style? No, but I wish!) ...and I made it work! (Mondo style!) Even though I got sick from lack of sleep and travelling and I'm 3 days behind in classes, I am so glad I got to go. Thanks Dr. Blair (Dr. Blair = Dad, for those confused) I totally surprised my Mom and Laura. Laura literally threw my niece out of her arms in surprise and my Mom bounced and cried from the other side of the room. Best reaction ever. I think Laura likes me better than the Biebs, and that's saying a lot. 

Hey Boris, 97 days! 

re: below photo. How many times have I yelled "awkward hand!" during a photo shoot?! Such a hypocrite!


Lissa Chandler said...

goodness, those project runway shoutouts just made my night.

angela hardison said...

i miss project runway.

hahaha to the awkward hand. and i like your outfit.

laura. said...

97 days!
i might like you more than the biebs, might. and that's saying a lot.
love you!

Laraine Eddington said...

It looks like all the mighty forces of nature welcomed you home!

communikate. said...

I wondered where you disappeared to! You look great, Kate!

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

It so fun to be a big sis that can elicit squeals of excitement with her arrival. :) Your family looks like such a fun bunch of people! Glad you had a terrific surprise trip. Good luck catching up. :)

Sandi said...

Great reaction indeed! Awkward hand indeed! ha ha I just looked at Laura's pics on facebook, you look really cute and your hair is really long and YAY I'm glad you got to come and surprise them. Did you enjoy the wind?

lauren said...

i'm quite certain there is nothing better than surprise visits and the reactions they bring. so fun! i'm glad you got to go home for your sisters grad.
and yes. your hand is tooootally awkward. good thing the rest of you is so cute.

laurice romney. said...

thats going to be us next year with lex! exciting.