we're giving up soda and sweets for 28 days

gross i know and i'm hoping if i post it on the world wide web i'll hold myself accountable. after 28 days? still no soda but we could never give up candy.

i'm doing the 30-day shred and he's working out everyday. why? because lando is climbing the tetons this summer and i would like my body to look like jillian michael's.

why 28 days do you ask? because in 28 days my mom and seester are coming to town! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and heaven knows we'll eat way, way too much food.


modern viking vixen said...

hahahaha.. good luck :)

communikate. said...


good luck. i'm going to try to abstain from all of these things myself.

how is that really that we keep missing each other?! i wish you guys would've stayed in id last summer. we could've hung out at at least three times.

yes, we're planning a looong weekend over there in july(ish) sometime. i'll let ya know if swing through. (pst.. pretty sure we know some people that could HOOK you guys up with jobs in j-hole if you're interested.)

Chelsea said...

good luck. i tried no sugar and didn't even last ONE day. I decided a life without sugar is not a life worth living!

Andrew and Jena said...

you go girl! I tried doing the same last week. The family I work for has a candy stash that I eat away at... its bad! So i called Andrew up and said im going off sugar. by the time i got home from work I already changed my mind and said no sugar while at work instead... well that didnt last long either! but i wish you luck! :)

lauren said...

awesome! you can do it! once the first few days are over, you'll hardly crave sugar anymore. so good!
do you like yoga? i just finished jillian michael's yoga meltdown. i am BEAT! she's amazing. and yes, makes me jealous.
have fun! perhaps i should do the same thing this month.

The Webbs said...

soda being gone easy for me, but the sweets, this takes all the man power in the world to hold me back!!! youll do awesome :) i am sure they are just as excited about you! remind me to tell you my funny dream with your fam involved.

Celeste Gillespie said...

I started 30 day shred 2 days ago! when did you start? K we should make a deal to call eachother when we're done with the 30 days a d share our results haha. Maybe it will help us stick to it the full 30 days.

My little brother lost 30lbs in the last 3 or 4 months just cutting out soda, sugary sweets & portion control. Pretty crazy awesome. You can do it!!!!

Mallory Camille said...

Girl, after you're finished with Jillian you should hit up the gym with me.I need a gym partner to chat with. Good luck with the no sugar thing, I should really think about doing something like that. After I finish off some no bakes:)

jilliann said...

I did the no sugar thing for nearly 4 months, it was amazing! then Christmas happened.
I've been telling myself I need to get back on that wagon though, it is crazy how quickly you don't even want it.

chelsea :: stock said...

I just ate a redvine. jealoooous?

angela hardison said...

haha, chelsea's comment cracked me up. i'm jealous. i love red vines.

good luck! if you need moral support i'm here... still not eating the girl scout cookies in my cupboard...

laura. said...

how about 21 days? because that is really when mom and i will be there. and i sure as heck am not eating healthy on my spring break. you better believe that i want one of these pie milkshakes when i get there.
so excited to be there!

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

If I could only muster up enough self control to attempt such a feat! Good luck to you both!

robin said...

there was this one time i went without sugar and flour for three years.

no cheating. no joke.

but then i had babies and those cravings are something fierce. so i enjoyed it.

NOW, i want MY body back... and i am on day seven.

and 30 day shred is good stuff. her book 'making the cut' is also good.

good luck!

Andrea said...

Good luck! I hear it takes 3 weeks to make something a habit, so 28 days is a good number. Maybe find something healthy to replace the two with? That's usually helpful.
Love your blog design!