so you make no mistake

last semester was a interesting one for me. it was my first full semester at a university (instead of community college, which- let's be real- was easier than high school) i took 18.5 credits, worked part time and rehearsed nearly every night. and in the middle of all of the craziness, i miscarried. i missed two weeks of school (luckily all my professors were nice about it) and the semester ended with grades not as high as i would have liked (that's when my motto "c's get degree's" really came into play) when we were home for the holidays i expressed my frustrations to my parents, also known as cried and complained about school, finances, how i saw no light at the end of the tunnel and that i was ready to throw in the towel. well, this semester i'm off-track so i've had some time to clear my head and enough time to miss listening to a good lecture. then earlier this week i found out 2 semesters worth of classes didn't transfer. 2 semesters! that's a year of school, people. after hours on the phone and meeting with an advisor i think i've got it figured out. but yesterday as i walked to campus to register for next semester i started to feel the discouragement creeping in, but as i kept walking i felt so grateful for where i'm at. two words that largely describe my life are wife and student. and i'm happy about that. i love being on campus, i love being a wife and i especially love when the two worlds collide and i run into landon on campus. i texted my padre and said "well, i'm taking a full load of classes next semester if you we're worried about it after our talk over break. things always seem to work out" and he said "funny how that works, huh?" things do workout. always. and at the end of the day, lando and i will walk together at graduation- hooray!

it's so crazy to me to think that someday this will be over, someday thoughts of school won't consume my brain, someday is actually on the horizon. what will i ever do with myself?

my friend, sarah, sent me the following photo. i've seen these before and always wanted a picture of one, thanks sar! i think "k"-line should be my new gangsta name. when i was dating landon, my sister was dating her future husband. he would send her the funniest ghetto-fabulous texts in which he called her j-money. he could have gained my approval solely on those texts. her contact in my phone has been j-money ever since. "k"-line-and-j-money-4-life.


Lissa Chandler said...

i know how you feel about transferring and your classes not transferring with you- i had three semesters done before coming to byu and they took like three classes. good luck with school!

brandilyn said...

yay for being a student! we should figure out a time each week next semester when we can meet in the crossroads and get lunch or something. i would love that. i miss your FACE, k-line!

The Webbs said...

glad you like the picture, seriously its a little impossible. a funnier picture would have been of me sticking my head out of the window taking a picture with bugs flying in my face.

i have heard byu transfers in nothing! good luck with everything i am sure this semester will be a lot brighter :) love ya k-lines!

Autumn said...

I transferred to BYU and took on too much, I didn't have everything you had going and I felt like I was drowning. But...I get my diploma in less than a month and you'll get that too soon enough!

angela hardison said...

k-line. i like it.

Malia said...

Sorry about the two semesters, Kate.

It's really fun to graduate with your spouse. I loved that and it sounds like you'll love it too :)

Mandy said...

School is hard and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as far as finances go is even harder. I am graduated and honestly, I miss school all the time. There is something romantic about learning that working for a nutrition company and encouraging people to lose weight can't replace. I promise you'll miss it more than you think, but hang in there!

Ash said...

Haha. I can't wait for the week when my thoughts aren''t consumed with school. And major kudos to you with making it through your last semester. I think just one of those things would have been too much for me! You're a superstah K-line!

Jessica said...

fo-eva-eva. fo-eva-eva.

A lil' Kanye via J-$

robin said...

the thought of being in school makes my stomach turn. no offense. i was never a good student and also changed my major 13 times. it was rough.

so, i don't envy you.

and this comment was in no way encouraging... so i will say something nice: go kate! you can do it!