sisters and friends and babies

one of my very best friends had a baby girl yesterday and named her brazia (bray-sha)

and my sister had a baby girl today and named her rory.

what i'm saying is i need a private jet to arizona, like yesterday and i love you cordae and lindsay!


another one of my very best friends just told me she is pregnant.

and another one of my sisters just told me she is pregnant, too.

what i'm saying is i need a private jet to arizona in 9 months or so and i love you friend and sister! you know who you are, the ones puking and stuff (i'm not gonna say names because i've ruined surprises before. but i only have so many sisters - and so many friends.)

i love babies.
and have mercy! i need to see these girls! post haste.


The Webbs said...

i love babies too!! ahhh which sister common share the details! i swear its baby season, your turn next!

kasey kaufusi said...

I know the sister...but not the friend..but i know someone else that is!

The Webbs said...

girls please do tell! i think i figured out the possible sister.

Chelsea said...

not too hard to figure out... on the sister thing. but maybe i'm wrong since you don't specify 'in law' or 'step' hmmm. and isn't cordae your cousin?

Laken said...

aw, how exciting!!