a mamacita & a boris

my cute mom and funny sister (or funny mom and cute sister, it's whatever) were in town last week for spring break. spring break in rexburg is craaaaaa-zzzzzzay! although there were no wet t-shirt contests or girls gone wild producers to be found we managed to have a good time.
day one: was spent touring campus and looking for apartments for boris, because she's coming in the fall, remember? t-minus 5 months! it also included sammy's pie-shakes and the byu bookstore.
day two: idaho falls mall and the rexburg temple. and even though if has thee worst mall known to man, we managed to spend a while there, we denhalter girls now how to shop.
day three: we stayed at home in our pajamas work-out clothes and my mom taught me how to cook. kind of, i mostly watched and cleaned the kitchen. my mom is an amazing cook and everything is from scratch. we made 6 weeks worth of all-bran muffins, homemade ginger snaps, and enough mushroom and wild rice soup to feed lando and i until we're sixty (suddenly i don't feel so bad about our lack of year supply.)
day four: we took the pass to jackson hole because we're tourist-y. in jackson laura's hands turned blue, we almost picked up a hitch-hiker, mom made awesome faces while jumping and i almost got talked into fostering a dog by some hippie. on the way home we stopped at every little store in every little town.
day five: they left and i'm still a little mad about it.
all-the-days: we laughed until we cried and ate until we we're sick, two thing i really like to do. i love these two girls so much. everything about this trip was perfect. and, they wanted to see at least one moose while in idaho and they saw two!

see what i mean? rexburg spring break 2011 = crazy.

and now a slight photo overload:

^we love our mom. i'm considering getting the tattoo that says so.


Malia said...

Those gingersnaps look so good.

It's so awesome you get to live next to Jackson Hole! I love it there! After being cooped up on the coast (especially this winter) we miss wide open spaces.

kelly said...

im all of the sudden craving ginger snaps. pictures of dessert get me every time. Moms and sisters are the best. snow in march is not the best but your pictures of it are beautiful.

Autumn said...

I just started reading your blog and I love this post. I love when my Mom comes and visits and these photos are great!:)

anna said...

you are my kinda women! especially the eating and crying part!

Chelsea said...

aw, so fun. your mom is fantastic.

The Webbs said...

i am so glad they got to come visit you!!! looks like you guys had a lot of fun. moms and sisters ARE the best.

brandilyn said...


and these pictures are adorable. i'm so jealous you got your mommy for a while. moms are the BESSSST.

communikate. said...

You all have the same smile. Cute!

Those ginger snaps and J Hole sound great right about now.

Bekah: said...

Almost perfect...but not quite! I wasn't there!

Was Landon around?

I will not be joining you in getting that tattoo although I do love our Mom.

I never thought I'd read a blog post by you that said anything about wet tshirt contests?

Kylie said...

thanks for comment on my blog! enjoying following yours, now. that is awesome you are in idaho. i went to BYUI for 2 years!

Sandi said...

glad you girls had fun- who knew rexburg was the place to be for spring break?

abby said...

what's craaaazy is your camera skills. this is the sweetest post and makes me miss my mom. and makes me want to go to rexburg(???).

laurice romney. said...

so jealous. this makes me miss my sisters and mom so much!

lauren said...

you are all

looks like so much fun!!

Ash said...

Love the pictures! Makes me wish I had a sister. It sounds like you had a great week!

laura. said...

such a fun week!
love you.

Laraine said...

Jackie always did make a good sandwich.