day 9

on day 5 i dropped a weight on my foot and it hurt, reeeeeeeeel bad. on day 3 i was all "this is totally working!" but then i realized it was 2:00 p.m. and i just hadn't eaten anything yet (i'm really good at doing that.) on day 7 i'm pretty sure i pulled a muscle in my thigh. on day 1 i decided jillian needs a new voice. on day 9 i might have had diet coke and a twix for lunch. i was running late, okay? lets not talk about this, okay blends? i've always wanted to say that. and i promise that was the last time i ever will (say blends or make promises to the www.)


chelsea :: stock said...

is blends a combination of blog and friends???

genius. I am blowin' it up.

stacie and geoffrey... said...

lets talk about the fact that I told geoff I was quiting sugar yesterday and by 10:00 am I had made 40 cake pops. feel better?

The Webbs said...

haha oh kate, you are at least stronger than me! i still really want to try that 30 day shred!

Ash said...

Twix have calcium. They're good for you.

angela hardison said...

i'm starting the shred tomorrow. wish me luck.