works harder than my heart

from the bottom of my heart- thank you for all the sweet comments on my last post. every single one was comforting and loving and supportive, i love you all, i mean it.

this week is moving week. which means my house is messy. which means i'm grumpy. which means i hung up on lando on the phone yesterday. which means i called back 2 minutes later to say sorry.

as excited as i am to be in our new place, there are so many things i'm going to miss about living in plano, idaho (pronounced plain-oh) first and foremost: our ward, we LOVE our ward. we teach the 5 and 6 year olds, they have us nearly rolling on the floor laughing every week and i got a little teary last week when they were leaving. we asked the bishop if we could just stay and not tell anyone. another thing is i'll miss is how pretty the drive is (although i won't miss the drive itself.) i see moose at least twice a week, moose! there is a mama moose and two little babies (calves, dad?) that i see about once a week and they might be the cutest things ever! i drive past open snow covered fields and the snake river everyday. i'm greeted by two dogs everyday that are always happy to see me, i'll miss them, even though i still don't even know there names.

aside: i heard my land lord yelling the name "katie!" and saw both dogs bolt towards her voice when we first moved in. so i always assumed one of their names was katie. well, one day when i was leaving for work i yelled "katie" to find the pups so i could give them a little scratch goodbye. at the same time i yelled katie, the landlords daughter was walking out her car and she said "yeahhhhhh?" hesitantly. the daughters name is katie, not the dogs, faaaaaantastic. you know what they say about assuming.

and while there is a lot i'll miss, there is a lot i wont. i'll list a few, just so i don't seem too positive. the constant smell of horse poop, for one. or barely making it out of our slushy-snow-covered driveway every morning, field mice, barking dogs, carpeted bathrooms, frozen pipes and zero storage.

i'll post some photos (of course) of the new place once we're settled.

happy weekend!


The Webbs said...

cant wait to see it, the cell phone picture doesnt do it justice i am sure!

and about the dogs, hahaha maybe the landlord should just stop yelling all together.

good luck this weekend!

Traci Butler said...

All I have to say is who the heck carpets a bathroom? Looking forward to the pics :)

Traci Butler said...
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communikate. said...

hilarious about the cat/katie thing.

i hate when people name their pets names that i love for a future baby. drives me crazy.

good luck with moving. i think i'd rather go to the dentist than do that at this point!

chelsea :: stock said...

anne of green gables had green gables, then first house of dreams, then ingleside. that's what I think of when I have to leave places I lived and loved.

and I totally got your comment. ha! just that fact that you understood what I what I was trying to say means we are similar. :)

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

awe girl, you got a lot of things to chew threw hey? hope it all goes off without a hitch!!! i've hung up on the boyf before too in a fit of fury but it's all good, they understand our female tendencies for the dramz ; )

oh boy, mistaken identity debacle, you are too cute!

i'm sure as much as you will miss all those things, they will miss you back. much success to you on this new venture. ♥

Bekah: said...

I bet $100.00 that the reason for hanging up on Landon was because he didnt call in sick?

Am I right?

laurice romney. said...

we have been down and out the last few days with a hard hitting flu bug. ugh. so i'm just getting caught up...

seriously someone said to get over it! obviously they never have experienced it. i can't wait for a little baby lines!

mandyface said...

is your title a brand new reference? i sure hope so.

lauren said...

ha ha ha! "kaaaatie!"
oh, that made me giggle!

good luck with the move! hope it all goes well!