whas crackin boo?

crap. you guys. i might like justin beiber... and i might want to see his movie.

we'll just add him to my slightly embarrassing supa fly obsession with *usher, jay-z, luda, sasha fierce aka beyonce aka the queen and snoop d-o-double g. i'm just so hip-hop i can't stop myself!

a few days ago my friend told me she has "inappropriate" dreams involving usher on a regular basis. she just earned like a million points in my book. a. for having them b. for telling me she has them.

i'll fully admit to low class taste in music. dunnit en matta. (thanks carla) or maybe just sporadic taste in music, i switched out best of bob dylan for word of mouf yesterday.

never say neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


communikate. said...


i think we all have the fever secretley.

graham told me yesterday that he "might want to see the movie. ya know.. if well. ya. i want to see it." i laughed forever and then said "um. i might want to see it to."

no shame baby. no shame.

The Webbs said...

haha this reminds me of california, when you busted out in JZ, i was totally surprised and glad that I was not the only one who liked some fast tasteless music. but at least i know we both have a little taste for better music, as our last resort.

kate your too funny, now i imagine you driving in your car singing your heart out to Justin beibs.

kasey kaufusi said...

haha Kate I confessed to suli that I also have a crush on Justin! (suli loves him but wont admit it!) He was on conan this week and I was like oh he is kinds funny/cute and my seventh graders love it when i blast the music in class, so now i just go with it!

Chelsea said...

lol. "im just so hip hop i can't stop myself". you are SO great.

i want to see it too. but i'm afraid that it might make me even more creepy than i already am! :/

wait, is that even possible?

Mallory Camille said...

No shame girl!! Let's listen to Bieber on our way to TJ Maxx! I can't imagine anything better at the moment.

carla thorup said...

i have caught the beaver fever yet, but i prbly will. i'm always a few months (years) behind.

however, long live beyonce 4eva. git down wit yo bad self, kate!

Mandy said...

Seriously. Someone told me I look like a white Beyonce once and it was the biggest compliment I have ever received. You're so not alone.

Liz-a-nator said...

I won't judge you for your Beilebing if you won't judge me for my obsession with the Black-Eyed Peas.

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

even my boyf said to me while watching amazing performance on the grammy's "i've heard really good things about his movie, we should go!"

i almost fell off my seat, awesome is what...if even the boys love him you know the dude can do no wrong! how incredible was that song though, i almost started to cry when they flashed to jaden smith's folks, such pride. the whole crew is beyond cool. so glad to know there are many like-minded girls out there such as ya'all. ♥

laura. said...

j biebs is where its at.
beyonce is the crap. nuff said.

i may want to see his movie as well so no shame there.
i think your friend may be the coolest person ever. usher is so fine.
im out.

Ashlee's Annals said...

I love you. This is perfect. I'm dying.

mandyface said...

what else are you supposed to dance to in the kitchen?!
ps- you have been most lavishly awarded upon muh blog o'wonders...ladykate.