they both like icecream

thoughts from the laundromat1. i find it hard to believe that spring comes here. even the smallest amount of sunshine seems to tell the snow its time to come again. and i just don't see how the 15 foot mounds of snow that decorate the parking lot will ever melt.

2. google health isn't the best website for a self-diagnosing girl, because now...

3. ...i'm pretty sure i'm deathly allergic to wool scarfs and that i have a metatarsal stress fracture.

4. i came home from work monday to lan baking homemade pear pie, and as i type he is looking through his cookbook for a banana bread recipe. i'm either lucky or bound to be diabetic.

5. i appreciate my body when i spend my mornings with a girl who has no control over hers. if she can be so happy, i can be so happy.

6. it's crazy how much our (my) lifestyle has changed in the past month, and even more crazy is how easy it's been for me. (forgive me, but i often felt like i was competing in a rat-race while in arizona.)

7. i cannot wait to be a mom. even more, i cannot wait to see landon as a dad.

8. i'm trying to not think about my sisters, for selfish reasons, i miss them too much. mess is having a baby (any day!) and my heart aches that i wont see him in the hospital, but....

9. ...i'm going to arizona in one month from today! (i knew i wouldn't last long) my brother is getting married, my niece is being sealed to her momma and daddy, i'll see my newest nephew and hug everyone lots.