stupid tall

^brandilyn - mallory (or hanna if that's what you think) - and me in all my round-faced glory.

i had dinner with these two lovely ladies last night, it was delightful and much needed. we talked about what you always talk about at girls night : blogging and babies. well, that + drink lots of diet coke (and maybe even stay until they tell you their closing, but that's only when girls night is going really well.)


communikate. said...



i need a kate lines,big fat greek night filled with blog talk and cokes.

Brandilyn said...

YAY! i had a blast with you gorgeous ladies!!

The Webbs said...

glad it was fun! and kate embrace the round face, i have one too :)

carla thorup said...

i totally feel you on the round face thing. and yay for a new blog (without creepy stuff... crazy!)

and thanks for the excitement :) we're really excited about it too!