a short silence that followed a long conversation

the youngest sister, boris. her given name is laura maria but we all call her boris. she just got accepted to byu-i and is coming next fall! hooray, hooray! i cannot wait!

i'm still listening to little women. (in fact, i've limited listening to either the drive to work or the drive home and not both because i don't want it to be over yet.) "i could never love anyone like i love my sisters" and i couldn't. i can't really explain the love i have for my sisters and there isn't a word to describe it. we are bonded by equal parts love and heartbreak, equal parts a mother and a father, equal parts uncannily similar and completely different. they make me laugh or cry in one sitting and usually one because of the other. i've born my innermost feelings to them and been returned with the telling of their most appalling secrets. i am so proud of the lives my sisters lead. i love them for their strength and i love them for their weaknesses. i'm completely and utterly myself when with my sisters and they themselves with me. sometimes my sisters call me to tell me that they tripped in front of their neighbor and awkwardly recovered while holding back tears and we laugh for 10 minutes straight. sometimes i call them to cry because someone else made an announcement of something i want so badly and don't have and they are always there ready to pick me up when i feel broken.

"i could never love anyone as i love my sisters."

i love you, sisters.


lauren said...

thank you for writing these lovely words. i feel the same way about my sisters. what an amazing bond sisters can have! its something i couldn't live without.

also. your bangs look great!

i hope little women lasts and last. and then maybe you can start it again? i'm planning on reading it once i'm done my current series; narnia.

communikate. said...

after your lw post, i was on a hunt for that recent video (or dvd if you will. videos are so old school.. and okay, and i don't have a vcr anymore for my old copy.)

i finally found it and watched it the other day. i cried (of course) and graham teased me.

this is a really long rant, but i've always been jealous of those with sisters. really. i love my brothers, but it's just not the same. i think that's why i value my friendships so much with gals. it's the closest thing to a sisterly bond.

lucky you to have so many lovely ladies in your life.

communikate. said...

pst. what are you guys doing this summer?! staying in the great wilderness or going back to the sun? i would love to see you in one of those places sometime this year.

Mallory Camille said...

This had my teary eyed for a bit. I share the same love for my sisters, they understand me more than anyone in the world and I can't imagine how empty I would feel without them.... and I think I need to reread this lovely book.

Molli and Tyler said...

I love, love, love the way you described the sister relationship because it's so true (in my life anyway). Sisters are the best... and family gatherings are like therapy for me.

Liz said...

I love this. Made me cry :)

laura. said...

love you kate.

mindy said...

i almost teared up... sitting on the couch with traci - who is webcamming with jill... sisters are fabulous. you have such an eloquent way of talking about sisters. and thats exactly how i feel. i'm not sure where i would be without them!
love you kate.

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Here, here! ;)

angela hardison said...

kate, that was beautifully written. your sisters are all so pretty, like you. how fun that she's coming up to byu-i!

this also made me miss my out-of-state sisters even more than i have already been lately.

Chelsea said...

mustard and navy = one of my fav color combos. go boris.

Bekah: said...

Oh Boris is the cutest ever. And thanks a lot for sharing my embarassing trip out of my front door and rip my pants in front of a male neighbor story.

Oh Kate. I am bawling right now and I want to come hug you and cry with you because you would be 24 weeks and help you pack.


mandyface said...

nothing beats sisters. sursly.