i'm at work for 8 hours a day. during those 8 hours i stand all but 15 minutes of it. just stand... in one place... it's weird...i'm sore from standing!...and when i get home my little (big) feet hurt! i've been wearing my gap city-flats and i need more support (what am i, 80?) so i'm expecting everyone to send me links to their magical shoes that are cute and comfy... actually at this point, cuteness is just bonus points.
please and thank you.


The Webbs said...

wish i had any advice!! if you do find cute and comfy shoes please let me know dear!

mindy said...

privo or michelle K- at nordstroms... i wore my michelle k shoes for almost 2 years (at lifetime- always on my feet)... they were AWESOMe... and i have a pair of privo ones now i wear to work!
my granny goose bought both for me! haha

Sandi said...

Riley has some really attractive nursing shoes she could tell ya about. haha good luck, how do you like your job?

emily said...

Dansko shoes. Will save your life. You will be the frumpiest looking old mother but you won't even care. Have Becca make a last chance run for you (only $30 there) never ever buy them brand new cause Last Chance is over supplied with them. And I hate to say it but you should wear pressure nylons, the ones that are skin tight even if they are only knee high ones. (Yep the ones old people wear) Find them somewhere like walgreens, pregnant/old lady section most places. Just to help increase the circulation and blood from collecting at your feet (That's what causes achy feet and spider veins, GULP). This is the only way I make it through 12 hour clinical days in the hospital.
You're welcome to publish my novel I just wrote you if you'd like.

Liz-a-nator said...

I'm always a fan of bare feet, and will take off my shoes whenever the situation allows me to...and sometimes when it doesn't.

But if you feel like dropping $80, Sperry Topsider Bluefish boat shoes ROCK. They've got good support, and they're cute, and they're warm, even in Rexburg. I ordered mine on Zappos.com. Go with the smaller end with size (ex you wear a 7 or an 8, get an 8). I love mine. I never even had to "break them in."

BUT if you don't feel like buying new shoes, I will swear by arch supports forever. Just the cheap foam kind from Walmart or wherever. With some shoes, they're death because they make your shoes smaller, but if you have shoes with a little wiggle room, they work miracles.

Not as many miracles as letting your feet be naked though...just the way the good Lord made 'em.

Chelsea said...

I added dr scholls heel & ball support gel pads to my city flats for when I work. They help so much! Wow, standing in the same place for 8 hours? Yikes! I might try the arch supports too, I mean why not have 3 different pads in your shoe! Lol, I am flat footed so does that mean I need arch support or don't need it? Good luck!

R A C H A E L said...

Comfy flats are my area. Seven knee surgeries will do that you ya.

I like the following brands, and they usually have some very cute styles, and some not so cute:

nature (at dillards)

all kinda pricy, but they will wear forever and ever. Good luck!!

angela hardison said...

i wish i had some good suggestions, but all of my cute shoes tend to be the most uncomfortable.

i do have a pair of sam edelman wedge heels which are surprisingly the most comfortable pair of non-tennis shoes, and they're cute. but definitely not as comfortable.

if you can go with sneakers, you could always try TOMS or simple shoes (they sent seesaw a few pairs and they are seriously sooo comfortable).

hooray for a new blog. i love your header.