now my feet won't touch the ground, now my head won't stop*

i cut bangs and suddenly i feel like rapunzel or something!
i went on a jog and listened to coldplay**.
i got all weepy again over this news from a dear friend, i'm so happy for them.
brandilyn gave me a sweater and a shirt. and i love them!
we had a sammy's date. mmmmm pie shakes.

this week at work:
a man brought me desert.
another man asked how old i was then said "i just broke up with a 22 year old" ....... good for you.
a grumpy lady got mad at me.
a grumpy man got mad at me.
i wore a blazer that's 3 sizes to big for me.
someone said "you look like a kate because your hair is reddish" alright.

we're hiking again, praise be!

* + ** despite where my last post may have left you: coldplay is my favorite band of all time (but oh my goodness have you heard the coldplay + jay-z song lost+? ah-freaking-mazing.)


brandilyn said...

you got new bangs and they look AWESOME!! seriously, it's a great look on you. yahoo!

communikate. said...

I like your bangs (please say this in a pedro voice in your head.)

Coldplay is great. Like really great.

The Webbs said...

kate, have we not had the talk about how much i love coldplay? seriously my favorite running music ever. glad you had a good run :)

and your BANGS rock. seriously very few people can pull that off, and you have! I am so glad you did it and it turned out, I would have felt bad telling you how much i would love you with it. do a full head shot so we can see that Rapunzel hair!

Mallory Camille said...

First of all, your bangs look smokin! Seriously.
Ha ha, those comments are hilarious, "I just broke up with a 22 year old"???

And I'm going to look up that coldplay song for my next run...thank you.

P.S. Your bangs are only going to get you more free dessert...right on.

chelsea :: stock said...

i need a new style. any suggestions??

the fringe suits you :)

mindy said...

love the hair! and people are strange arent they? people say the stupidest things!! haha

angela hardison said...

k, your hair looks beautiful. i've FINALLY grown my bangs out and it took me forever, and lately i've been wanting them back. i hate how that goes with hair (if it's short i want it long, if it's long i want it short).

coldplay is one of my favorites too.

geri e. said...

haaaaa! I love that some man asked how old you were then said he just broke up with a 22 yr old! Where on EARTH do you work—it makes for some faaaaantastic stories!!! :)

p.s. love the bangs. super cute lady!

Jenny Coombs Bradford said...

Kate: so glad you found me, cause now I can read your cute little blog. Consider yourself followed.
P.S. Your bangs are fly.

stacie and geoffrey... said...

love your bangs! I never thought of cutting bangs to make your hair look longer, I'm in!!

laurice romney. said...

I like the bangs. I'm going to have to check that song out.

carla thorup said...

what exciting news for your dear friends! i got weepy and i don't even know them :)

and i agree with everyone else, you totally pull the bangs off. bangin' girl.

mandyface said...

love your bangs!! and coldplay. yes. amazing. forever.

Chelsea said...

sheesh, have i really missed commenting on all these posts? LOVE the bangs. I've been thinkin about how i liked them when i had them but then i remember how much they drove me crazy at the same time. also, with my new schedule of not washing my hair ever, its just not cohesive :)