loving: everyones comments! thank you, thank you.
feeling: unbelievably happy . . . and kind of mean! i was this close to ripping an apple out of a girls mouth in the library because of how she was eating it and even closer to telling a boy in my class that he smelled bad.
eating: pretty much only soup and tootsie rolls. and this is the first time in my life when diet pepsi sounds gross.
waiting: not-so-patiently to for an appointment with the midwife i want to use- but the fact that she's busy is probably a good sign, right?
listening: to the almost freezing rain fall on our roof, i think we may have snow in the morning.
trying: not to be overly excited about the prospect that me and beyonce might be pregnant together.
rehearsing: 20 hours a week and...
missing: lando.
writing: baby names everywhere... when i should be writing essays.
neglecting: the blog world for the next little bit, mid-terms and feeding myself comes first.

and thinking only about babies-- told you so.