i can hardly even really believe this, even as i'm typing it. we had to put june down today. man oh man. it was a sad day around here. poor little june. the vet we took her to was so awesome though, he came in after hours, talked us through everything and didn't say anything when i used almost a whole box of his tissues.
i just cant believe this has happened twice in 6 months. the only sense i can make of it is we are either really, really unlucky or someone is trying to tell us we aren't supposed to have a dog.
well, i can honestly say you wont be seeing anymore puppy faces around here for a while... this is not fun to deal with.june was such a good pup. her absolute favorite thing to do was swim and she was usually covered in mud from playing in puddles. she was so hyper around lando and so calm with me. lando would fish while i read a book and she's spend a few minutes in the water with him, then come chill by me on shore and take a little nap. she definitely had a little attitude and made the funniest noise when she was frustrated! we really liked that dog.thanks in advance for being so nice, everyone. and for not making fun of me for being so attached to our dog(s).