something like a grass hopper

1. my shoes are size 10.5. sarah's are size 6.5
2. we ran 13.1 miles in newport beach this weekend. i'm halfway there. and you know what? i think i can do it.
3. i might have cried on mile 12 due to a life-threatening muscle cramp.
4. never, ever sign up for a "scenic" half marathon. because apparently scenic means 9 creek beds, 4 sand pits, a few boulders, a cave, and 2 killer hills.
5. i'm honestly surprised how many emotions i can have in 2-and-some hours.
6. thinking your at mile 6, and really only being at mile 3 is not fun.
7. i'm proud of myself.
8. and dear sarah, i love you and couldn't have done it without you, and i'm still reeeeeally sorry i told you to stop talking that one time.