i was born with the sun shining

(^these are my great grandma gerdas shoes. i wear them probably twice a week and they fit my feet perfectly.)

yesterday, while finishing my application, i came to section 2 question 14. hometown ____________?
and, i didn't know what to put.
slidell louisiana (2 years), middletown maryland (7 years), snowflake arizona (9 years), mesa arizona 3 1/2)
it was an odd feeling.

i was born in louisiana, but all i remember is the visits years after we lived there. bike rides through the woods and tube rides on the river with dad.

maryland holds a special place in my heart. it's where my dad was, where all my memories of him live, where memories of my family live in a two story, rectangle house with blue siding and red shutters and a big front yard. a gray van parked in the driveway with a yellow toyota next to it. 3 trees to the right side, and i was probably in the middle one, sitting on the very top branch.

my first few years in snowflake were not as special. my dad passed away, we moved while on vacation and i never said goodbye to maryland, i went to a small town school where everyone knew each other and we lived with my grandparents. but after and because of those years, i grew to love snowflake. my mom is there, my best friends are there, my family is there. i had my first job there. i graduated there. my dad's grave is there. i left home there.

and came to mesa, where i met landon. landon filled a void i forever thought was empty. we started our life together there. we lived in our first apartment there. i was kate lines there. i gained a new family there. i made best friends there.

so. section 2 question 14. i propose you add 4 blank spaces to your question, hometown?

because i'll never pick just one.