i drove on the sidewalk today because i thought it was the road

driving in the snow really isn't as bad as i anticipated. i've only slid through one stop sign. the man in the car coming towards me simply swerved, smiled and waved. i think it happens a lot. and sometimes sidewalks look convincingly like roads.

i got the job! (part-time) i start tuesday!

the university of denver sweater, was my dad's. i love how soft and big it is. the bottom half is what i wore running today, landon asked if i was heading to jazzersize. i told him no, then jogged for 50 minutes today! i swear there is something about the snow, i feel so good.

oh, and i'm going to get a diet coke to celebrate. (we needs a qt... do you think there is anyone i can threaten or something?) did you know i went off soda for 9 months last year? yeah, it did nothing. so i just limited myself to one a week, and i know diet coke kills you. but i'd rather die happy.