i would make your name sing

he turns 24 today. happy happy happy happy birthday. growing up we got to pick out a box of sugary cereal on our birthday, and our birthday dinner. (mine was always trix and hawaiian haystacks) landon chose granola and native new yorker (still can't figure out if it's because he really wants it, or he knows i can't say no on this birthday) my mom would also tell funny stories about us at our dinner, because c'mon, who doesn't like talking about themselves? so in honor of his birthday dinner.

-he was 10 lb 6 oz and his mom had to cut his mullet the night he was born.
-he liked to color on the walls. after a couple months with no incidents, his mom was in his closet only to pull back the hangers and find a whole mural he'd been working on.
-he got in trouble, often, for trying to rebuild an engine in his bedroom.
-he served his mission in canada.
-he hates cards games.
-he has a book of sketches of motorcycles he wants to build.
-he works really hard.
-he hates doing dishes, but likes to cook, so it's an even trade.
-he has a broken down golf cart, and a broken down motorcycle in our storage unit that he's "working on".
-he is kind of anti-social.
-he fixed my moms car with a rusty spoon, my sisters car with a bar of soap, and my brothers tire with a butter knife.
-he is an avid discovery channel watcher.
-he once told me the only reason he was born was to bug me and hid and scare me.
-he has "anatomy of world war 2 aircraft's" on his nightstand as his nightly read.

okay, maybe i just like talking about him, but i love him.

i don't think i've ever seen him as excited as when i gave him this for his present. a german short haired pointer, a bird dog, go figure. her name is olive, and we love her.