send it off in a letter to yourself


1. swimming laps is a crappy workout for me, i need to sweat.
2. a good clean and furniture move suddenly make me love my decorations again.
3. water aerobics is also a crappy workout, i accidentally took it last week.
4. a lit candle performs leaps and bounds above a plug-in-scented-oil-fan.
5. 100.7 is by far the best radio station.
6. going to the temple and lunch with grandma lines today was the highlight of my week.
7. people talk to you different when you wear glasses.
8. i am secretly wishing we were headed to portland in a week instead of wyoming. but i am still really excited.
9. i think too much about the number on the scale.
10. golfing is fun!
11. everyone is pregnant with girls.
12. the heat makes me tired and grumpy.
13. being with kids all day 3 days a week is refreshing, no adult conversations.
14. i wear jeans, a t-shirt, and a ponytail 80% of the time. and i'm okay with it.
15. i spend way to much money on clothes.

the end.

*steely dan. courtesy of 100.7