we all start out the new year with goals. for most of us, alot of those goals revolve around being healthy. well 1 month and 14 days later. this^ hits you in the face. the hershey kiss. you try to avoid them. you don't buy them, your valentine doesn't by them. but pretty soon people are passing out goody bags full of them left and right. donna the bank teller has them sitting ever so lovely in a decorative glass heart. she even says "take a kiss!" on the way out the door. dang you donna. then walmart, oh walmart! rows and rows of every type of kiss you can imagine. caramel, cheesecake, white chocolate, cherry-filled. so you buy a bag (or three) strictly for coffee table decoration. after all, red looks so good in there. you grab one (or three) from the bowl when you walk by. you learn how to make hot chocolate out of them and cute bite size cookies (that aren't really supposed to be bite size) pretty soon, your left with nothing but an empty bowl and the three pounds you lost last month.
^at least i got flowers from a cute boy at school. don't worry, he's only 4.